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ADSS optical cable

ADSS fiber cable features:
1, the use of PE or AT cable jacket, suitable for different voltage levels
2, light weight, small cable diameter, reducing the impact of ice, wind and the load on the tower, support
3, large span, maximum span up to 1000 meters, suitable for: overhead
4. The use of imported aramid sheathing technology greatly improves the cable's tensile strength
5. Precise control of the fiber length and cable stranding pitch ensure that the cable has excellent tensile properties and temperature characteristics
6, no need to power outage construction, power line failure does not affect the normal transmission of fiber optic cable

ADSS fiber optic cable: all-media self-supporting fiber optic cable also known as non-metallic self-supporting fiber optic cable with its large number of fiber core light weight no metal (all media) can be directly hung on the power pole tower normally don't need the Construction of a power outage and other advantages are widely used in power communication systems.
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