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SAE J1772 connector PLUG

SAE J1772 connector


1,Superior electrical performance ;

The Product can endure 16A,32A ,70A, 400V electric current at most

2,Easy to operate

Products can quickly connect and disconnect, plug power moderate.

Mating Force≤ 80N


Plug in disconnecting status: IP44

Socket in disconnecting status: IP54

Connector in disconnecting status: IP67

4, Anti-loose

Products owns self-locking structure, ensures the battery life and safety of electric

vehicle user when electric vehicles is being charged because of sudden disconnecting

caused by accident.

5,Prevent mismatching design

Well-designed shape can prevent user from mismatching plug and socket,

guarantee the safety of user and electric vehicle.

6,Weather resistance

Product can be applied to a variety of harsh climate environment, the product has

better anti-salt spray and water resistance function.

Operating temperature range : -40 ° C to 75 °

SAE J1772 EV Socket 1Used for Vehicle car vehicle bus 2Superior electrical performance 3Easy to operate.
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